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Ethically Sourced Crystals //

At And The Stone Spoke ethically sourcing our crystals is very important to us, we care about the special people who collect and share crystal treasures with the world, we work closely with our suppliers and strive to keep an open line of contact at all time.


We source our beautiful crystals from all around the world; The United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, Africa, China, and India. We work directly with small miners as much as we possibly can, this helps us ensure that they are working safely with the correct equipment and that they get paid the amount they deserve for their work. To exercise complete transparency there are occasions when we must use crystal wholesalers to source our crystals. We have spent a long-time working towards a healthy and trustworthy relationship with our wholesalers and we trust and believe they have the same beliefs and ethics as we do. We would never knowingly support or purchase from any wholesaler that we believe to be buying from unsafe or unethical conditions.


Ethically sourcing crystals takes a very long time, it is a process of trust building and getting to know the people you buy from. As a small business we do not always have the ability and buying power to buy direct from the mines but as we grow we are constantly looking for new crystals and always looking to improve and strive for the best ethically sourced crystals for you.

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