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Eco Friendly Packaging

Packaging Peanuts //
Starch based and biodegradable, you can place these in your compost heap or place in a basin with water and watch them dissolve.

Geami Wrap //

Fully recyclable and reusable packaging solution, it consists of a brown Kraft paper die-cut and converted into a 3-D web.

Boxes //

100% recyclable, re-use our boxes or break them down and recycle them in your waste paper bin.

Tape //

We use environmentally friendly brown paper tape as an alternative to plastic tape.

Tissue Paper //

Eco Friendly, acid free, and recyclable, printed with soy based ink.

Information Cards //

Printed on 100% recycled un-coated paper.

Green Bubble Wrap //

100% recyclable, this bubble wrap is treated with raw materials which do not contain heavy metals. When exposed to natural elements it will slowly break down and turn into biomass.

Clear Bubble Wrap //

If you receive clear bubble wrap in your order this is bubble wrap we have received in crystal deliveries from our suppliers that we have reused.

Plastic Jars //

Our PET jars can be reused or recycled into new containers. Because PET is fully recyclable, it's a highly sustainable material. Every time a PET container is recycled its petroleum feed-stocks can be recaptured and reused.

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